PGI  Launches Major Campaigns


          Perfecta-Grip Industries inc. is pleased to announce
          dramatic expansion plans for the upcoming future…


          PGI inc. - together with the help of a local development

          team proudly announce the official expansion efforts that

          will enable the Perfecta-Grip systems and the specialized

          technological benefits they are famous for,  to be readily

          available - worldwide!  And…That’s only the beginning!


         Our exclusive patent rights, have essentially redefined the

         “house-ball” technology of the future.  Our revolutionary

         concepts have allowed us to now take a leadership role in

         taking our sport to levels unattained thus far - by changing

         dramatically, the way the game is now taught and learned.

         For more than a decade it has been a major goal to elevate

         our great sport to this new higher level of understanding…

         And now, we are at the doorstep of changing the bowling

         world, forever!  Perfecta-Grip Industries, is happy to inform

         bowlers everywhere across the globe - that such technology

         will soon be in your area! 


         How would you like to be able to have every ball you may

         own or use - “custom-fitted”  to you hand!  Our totally unique

         programs offer everyone that ability all the time & every time!

         Even…your first time! 

        Why should ones’ first bowling experience be ruined,…simply 

        because  they didn’t know how to find a ball that fit their hand? 

        Perfecta Grips’ worldwide PF Program solves all that and more.     

        PGI’s…“Perfecta-Fit Ultimate HouseBall Program©” is here!!!

                                                                    © PGI inc.. …all rights reserved , 11/03/03.



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