TAYLOR LANES …is set to launch most significant

  advancement in the history of the sport of Bowling!!!





                   WHAT?  ---  Perfecta-Grip Industries’ cutting edge…

                     “Bowling Ball Dynamics Control” System and 

                     “Perfecta-Fit” Ultimate House Ball Program ©


WHERE? -  TAYLOR LANES Eureka Road - Taylor, Mich.

WHEN? ---  PBA Tournament week…       March 12, 2004.


WHO?   ---  Conceived by    -   Perfecta-Grip Industries inc.
& hosted by      -  TAYLOR LANES

                          sponsor support provided by…        
Brunswick Bowling -and- Pro Sports Systems   

WHY?  ---   Because our great sport is long overdue for some

                   “serious improvement” …that puts control back

                   where it belongs right in the palm of your hand!

                    The Perfecta-Grip revolution…has put an end to

                   “The horrendous-fitting House Ball Era !!!”


Photos  ---  Click on photo to see enlargement of each photo


PIC00010.jpg PIC00014.jpg PIC00012.jpg


 “House Ball” Technology… will never be the same!

 ©PGI inc.. …all rights reserved , 11/03/03.

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