Schlegel WINS..!  with PGI 



PBA Hall of Famer, Ernie Schlegel (whom is considered to be

"The Godfather of the Grip industry..." ) had recently acquired

several sets of "Perfecta-Grips" to then evaluate for his parent

company,  Pro Sports Systems  -of-  Vancouver,  Washington. 

For those either too young (or too old) to remember...  Pro Sports

pioneered the standard "finger & thumb grips" which, for decades

have brought comfort to countless millions of bowlers worldwide.

While on a customer appreciation tour in Michigan, Ernie - in possessing 

the wisdom to view the Perfecta-Grip as compatible with  [rather than...

competitive to] PSS - saw a chance to combine the best of both worlds...


                               their...finest "Grips & Solids" in the world,

                                              housed in our perfect vehicle - the Perfecta-Grip! 


Then - immediately upon Schlegel's return trip home, from The Great Lakes,

he tested his new combination, by entering a Northwestern PBA  Regional.

He eventually defeated fellow PBA champion, Chris Warren...257-238, (& won

top prize of $2,000 for 1st.) his very first tournament using Perfecta-Grip inserts.

As if that's not enough, at age 61...he's now believed to be the oldest player

in history, to ever win a regular PBA regional tournament...Congratulations!!!


In addition to Ernie... PGI would also like to thank and commend Pro Sports

Systems founder and visionary Don Heimbigner, for nearly 3 decades of fine

service while introducing all that we consider to be the best grips ever made.  


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