"Perfecta Fit" pilot program at TAYLOR is really off & running

TAYLOR LANES' pilot "PerfectaFit" program is off
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Idea Pilot - "Perfecta Fit" program at TAYLOR is really off & running  Exclamation

Idea ... TAYLOR LANES (on Eureka Road) has recently launched
PGI's "Perfecta Fit - Ultimate House Ball program" whereby
you can walk in, get custom fitted with PGI's state-of-the-art
Interchangeable Inserts, called PERFECTA-GRIPS (in all three holes)
then bowl with special Brunswick Balls in various span & weight ranges
modified to suit the needs of both right-handers and left-handers alike!
Inserts can then be further adjusted to modulate the ball's path, action,
& reaction, etc. Before you buy a new ball you absolutely MUST try this.
(&... if that's not enough,
for a limited time their service is free!! You just pay for your lines!)
There are currently about 30 balls, & hundreds of finished PGI inserts
to choose from -and, an on-site PF specialist, & a friendly staff to help you.
But, call first & ask for select times as there tends to be a waiting list.

For more information about PGI's dramatic technology
try visiting www.perfectagrip.com - which, is a website
that will provide you with a new insight - on just how a
bowling ball can actually be - really & truly controlled !!!
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