PGI inventor shoots "sport-sanctioned" 300, at age 50


On March 3rd., 2005...  PGI inventor, Arnie Goldman then fashioned what is believed to be,
the first ever sanctioned "Sport Shot" 300 game to be rolled by a Senior  - while competing 
in one of Brian Regan's regularly sanctioned  "Sport Series" Tournaments,  held  throughout 
Michigan... (this event was at Parkway Lanes). Goldman is now awaiting USBC's truly unique
 "Sport 300" ring ...only the 2nd. [sport-sanctioned perfect game], to be honored in Michigan. 

Mike Norris (another PGI user), eventually defeated Goldman in the title match - for the win.

That perfect game (...sandwiched between two 180 games)
was, incidentally, also the only game ever bowled over 279,
in Brian Regan's 4 years of hosting Sport Shot Tournament events. 


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