PGI...The only "Interchangeable and Indexable" Insert!


  We Are Expanding!!! 

Pro-Shop Product Guide, Pricing Info, & PGI's step by step "How-to" (shop) DVD
will soon flood the market.  The genuine article, and the real deal - ARE HERE! 
Check back here soon & in the meantime - don't be fooled by cheap imitations!



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PGI Pro Shop Starter Kit
PGI - Mold Kit  PGI Thumb Mold w/tube
[Reg.] & [Lg.] Perfecta-Cast [10-pack] & [20-pack] "Acceptors" 
and, PGI  Finger & Thumb Inserts
w/ cover art
Finger & Thumb Inserts 
w/ Acceptors & Bolts 
All PGI's Specialized Tools 
PGI's unique "Bottom Cutter" 
& "Ball Form"  
1-3/8"  &   1-1/4"  (Thumb & Finger)
(blue)        (red)      Carbide-tipped
Drill Bits w/ depth stops
PGI - Hold-down Bolts, (oversized) Sanding Discs & PGI Screwdriver 

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