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Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 17:44:32 -0700 (PDT)
From: "arnie goldman" <>
Subject: Mitch... We could use some attention

The following e-mail, regarding my pioneering bowling related
invention was sent to columnist & talkshow host - Mitch Albom.
- Your helpful comments are most welcome.

Dear Mitch, Oct. 7, 2002 (1-4)
To be honest, I wasn't much into radio talk shows
until I happened on yours. I was impressed with
your uncommon sincerity, & straight to the point
approach. It also seemed to me that you weren't
afraid to tackle touchy subjects, which others in
your field might otherwise tend to ignore. To get
right down to it, I've a matter of grave importance
to discuss with you, with the hope that you might
(at very least) be able to shed some light on a place
that "the powers that be" seem to purposefully keep
in the dark -or- (at best), help to champion a noble
cause and rally your people to change an otherwise
wretched system.

What am I talking about..?
Before I answer that, please allow me to give you a
bit of personal history first.
My name is Arnie Goldman. I graduated from SHS
at age 17. I took up the sport of Bowling at 15, and
got a PBA (pro)card at age 18. I had limited successes
until I dropped my card in favor of going home to work
on a dream I'd conceived through my experiences.
That dream, was controlling the internal dynamics of
a bowling ball, achieved through a system that I had
devised from years of frustrated efforts on the PBA tour.
In case you don't yet know it Mitch, many sports,
including Bowling are controlled, in an effort to better
the ratings. I personally, do not like being controlled
which of course did not sit well with those calling the
shots (so to speak). This fact, [coupled with the fact
that my momma didn't bear no fool] eventually taught
me the art of versatility among other things. I began
to adjust my own life, by then focusing on fighting
fire with fire (and physics with physics). The PBA was
manipulating common lane (oil) conditioner to beat me,
so I was forced to then counter their (perceived) attack
on me - with unconventional wisdom. So I then did.
I figured that if the lane condition was subject to change -
my bowling ball needed to be adaptable right along with it.
I figured also; Why couldn't the physics expended by
a bowling ball be(come) adjustable? I knew they should.
So, in 1987 I then designed, in essence the world's first
totally controllable bowling ball, later redefined as a;
"Bowling Ball Dynamics - Control Device".
My small S-corporation now produces a mainline product (2-4)
serving hundreds of bowlers in the Greater Detroit area,
better known as Perfecta-Grip Interchangeable (indexible),
Finger & Thumb Inserts. This dramatically pioneering tech-
nology promises to revolutionize the bowling industry.
Sounds like a great story -right? ...It gets even better.
How about, I took my device to the American Bowling
Congress (ABC) in 1993 and encouraged them to enact
a rule change to allow removable devices in bowling balls.
(At their request, I even helped them to write the new rule.)
That same year, I broke an ABC doubles record, including
a 300 game using my invention at the ABC Nationals, in Tulsa.
My father, who was my biggest fan & advocate,
unfortunately passed away on 2/06/2000, but not before he
and my mom got to watch me win $125,000.00 & the richest
event in Bowling... the July "High-Roller" - in Vegas in 1999.
My Perfecta-Grip technology played a major role there too.
In the past 7 years, my composite ABC league average
exceeds 230, (which is among the highest in the nation.)
Hundreds of awards and records have since been achieved
by other bowlers, who have now adopted our new products.

So why am I telling you all this?
Because others are being allowed to steal the dream
which I created our own - U.S. Patent System.
This fraudulent, corrupted system is nothing more than
an unconstitutional abridgment of an (independent)
inventor's - "freedom of _expression". It's a bad joke
that is crippling our economy. I should have been to
market 10 years ago. I was unable to proceed, as a result
of my pioneering technology, being stonewalled by the
"System". Although I did receive a "patent" on my
device, I've never considered it any form of real
protection that anyone would respect as such. I've since
tried to correct the problem 5 times using 2 different
firms as well as sent formal Petitions to the US PTO.
My assessment is this;

a) The USPTO is a corporately devised systematic
net, whereby an independent inventor's worthwhile
idea is then channeled into a tactical stalling process
until it can be broken down and redefined by those
within the system, for the ultimate purpose of re-
assessing the claimant's stated rights - to others.
b) This process is a “cash cow” for the government
in the following ways; First, the USPTO charges
ridiculous and arbitrary "fees" in order for an
inventor to supposedly purchase certain rights...
stated rights, which should have already been theirs.
Secondly, bogus patents are then liberally granted
to virtually everyone EXCEPT the true inventor, in
order to create inventor infighting. Pitting inventors (3-4)
against each other (interference actions) typically
costs an inventor $150,000.00 and up. This is where
the "System" and it’s partners in crime really can
fleece the unwary inventor out of some big bucks.
(The partners, of course being the patent attorneys.)
A small innovator, at this point is now defenseless
when challenged by the corporate infringers who then
attack, knowing full well they will prevail the winner,
- while driving the helpless, into early bankruptcy.
c) Here's another good question...
Why should an inventor's clearly stated claims be
then redefined by a group of people who are by no
means impartial, and who do so in a foreign language
which only the lawyers and the PTO - understand,
..Patentese ? Why the smokescreen??
Mitch, did you know...
That, a patent... only gives one the right to sue,
[at ones own expense]? Most people don't know this.
That, an average patent takes 2-3 years to be granted,
(if it is granted at all...and thousands are paid, either way)
That, most people are under the false impression that
all one must do to steal someone's idea is make a 10%
change & it's theirs for the taking.
(What they fail to recognize is that they must wait until
all the targeted inventor's patent(s) expire before filing
their own "improvement patent" on the prior inventor's
pre-existing design(s).) A current patent life is 20 years.
That, in addition to the above... If an invention has been
previously disclosed in the past, it is unpatentable. Also
an invention must be "new, novel, or otherwise perform
a wholly novel task or function". It must do something
useful that the “prior art” - is not able to do.
(Most people have been led to believe that one merely has
to slightly change the design, in order to get a patent.)
That, the term “Pioneer Patent“ [a term used to describe
an invention novel enough - to create a whole new field
of discovery for which it pertains] - has been terminated
by the PTO, because they now feel (and have deemed),
that virtually nothing is NEW any more, that anything
YOU might “invent” is a mere “improvement” of some
former “prior art” - What utter nonsense!! […and MY
invention proves this generalization to be absolutely false
because - I actually “pioneered” a whole new field…
(and reason) for which - my technology was to be used].
That, there is a person in Michigan, who devoted 9,000
hours compiling a website, which discusses such items
as rampant patent system fraud and internal corruption.
See; "American Patent System About To Be Crippled"
at: (4-4)
His name is - Ronald J. Riley.

Mitch, I've contacted you with this, because, in addition

to a good story - I believe you're genuinely interested in
the defining difference between what’s Right and Wrong.
Most - won't touch this, because they are afraid of
challenging a government "System". They also fear the
risk of alienating themselves from the many lawyers that
partake in what is now widespread unethical behavior.
It might interest you to note that I, and 6 other supporters
recently picketed in downtown Birmingham, in front of
a former patent firm, for 3 days - until Channel 7 Action
News finally interviewed us & aired it on the 6 o'clock news.
However the ongoing (& now festering) problem - persists.
I've been exploited first by the System, and now the wave of
patent infringing thieves are sure to threaten my very existence.
I have a once in a lifetime chance...
a shot at the great American Dream,
and it's being wrestled away from me, as I write.
If I’d been properly protected, I'd have created a new market (5-5)
a decade ago. I could have provided jobs to many people
who would have then, become essential to run my business.
Why is this an impossibility?
How many others has this happened to - who feel it hopeless
to speak up, and fight for this extremely important & just cause?
Bush talks openly, about creating ways to stimulate our
floundering economy, promote new industry & create jobs.
Then why is he allowing multinational corporate entities to
steal intellectual property - (the lifeblood of America),
away from honest inventors - on a regular basis?
Shouldn’t inventors be encouraged, perhaps even funded
rather than discouraged & cheated by society in their
striving quest to make the world a better place?
I challenge the legal profession to provide some answers,
in plain English, that a 12-year old can understand.
I'm hoping to enlist your support, to get to the heart
& to give hope to true pioneering inventors, everywhere.

Should you be interested in discussing this further,
I can be reached at
I'd be more than happy to treat you to lunch or dinner,
whichever - might be more convenient for you.
Sorry about the length of this unusual e-mail, and thank you
for your time , I do appreciate the value of time.
Hopefully, someday I'll be able to (in some way) repay you.
Very truly yours,
Arnie Goldman - Inventor/Founder
Perfecta-Grip Industries inc. - PGI our PGI Web Site is:
25608 Cole - Roseville, Mi. 48066

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The Truth
This was written in response to recently being banned from some major bowling webforums
with regard to the Truth as told below. Please, spread the word!

Forget all the rumors... here are the facts!
Arnie Goldman has invented, patented, and developed the greatest
technological innovation our sport has ever seen, way back in 1987.
His Perfecta-Grip was the first on-lane "Interchangeable Insert system" that was
to be later used "to control all internal & external dynamics of the bowling ball".
He then had to get his new technology approved by the governing bodies which
at that time (...around 1992-93) was no easy task. In fact, it was reported by
Mike Monson of the ABC, that in their hundred-plus year history, no one had ever
gotten the ABC to change their rules just to allow a newly proposed product.
Arnie Goldman was the first to do so when he'd presented about a half-dozen
possible versions of his dramatic new technology to 35 delegates of the ABC/WIBC
in Greendale Wisconsin, including his dramatic house-ball vision, to triple the sport.
Two years later, rule #36 for his device (already approved by PBAs' Mark Gerberich),
was then unanimously passed by both delegations in Mobile, Alabama - in 1993-94.
Goldman was even instructed by them to help fashion the new rules, which he did.
Since then, there has been a virtual flood into the new market Goldman created.
Being a small entity with virtually no business experience, he set out to enlist the
support of the major manufacturers and the rest of the bowling industry, in order to
properly cultivate his new field of discovery that deals with Ball Dynamics Control.
This proved to be the inventor's worst decision, because as a result there are now
dozens of others that have since sought "ABC approval" for their simpler versions of
Goldman's all-encompassing philosophy (which to this day most do not understand).
In some cases "originality" speaks for itself.
Some unique things are better left alone,
especially when they are not understood.
Thats why Goldman has filed 5 patent applications (including one foreign).
A patent life used to be 17 years, for a reason... Now, its 20 years (or 17 minutes) !
One is not free to improve on another's patented idea, until their last applicable patent
has expired.
Goldman's initial patent issued in 1992....It is still valid. You do the math.
Arnie Goldman is currently still seeking honest legal representation [assuming it exists]
to uphold his unquestionable IP rights. Our Pioneering Innovators' rights must be better
protected, or what future is there in store for any of us? Where are we without inventors?
But that's another story, for another day!
To better understand the WHOLE (uncensored) story...
we encourage you all to visit:
because "all it takes for Evil to prevail... for good people to do nothing".

- We The People
of PGI.:p


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Business history tells us that "first" is rarely better.

And I really don't think you have your patent law straight. I own a patent too, and it's very
limiting on the protection it provides.

If you had a case, lawyers would be beating down your door. YOu wouldn't have to
seek out representation.

Good uck in your crusade!

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Ours is the One primary... in every 10,000 patented inventions
To the person who kindly responded to PGI's initial post:

Dear sir, although I do not agree with your assessed comment
we certainly can appreciate and even relate to your position.
I can assure you that we have more than a "good case" with
regards to deceptive practice, as well as willful infringement.
We have a case against the very inept patent system itself.

We also have actionable claims against a great many legal
practitioners, who have dramatically misrepresented, and
suppressed many primary submissions made ( not one,
but FIVE patent applications futiley filed) in effort to protect.
The gross malpractice issues committed by their fraternity
and their far-reaching consequences are the very reason
why most law firms are steering clear of our strong case.
PGI documentation is so damning to so many in the legal
field the rest of them won't touch it.
Arnie's father was also an inventor... & after dealing with this
corrupt patent system since 1989, I can assure you we know
EXACTLY what its all about - and why (&... for whom it works).

I can also assure you one more thing... WE won't ever let up.
We've no intention of becoming the next Windshield Wiper or
Lasar case. Facts that were clearly presented (in triplicate)
years in advance, substantiate the fact that AG created the
field & very reason [for which] his invention was then to be
later applied
which - precludes others from now improving on his CLEARLY
DISCLOSED invention for a minimum of 17 full years, not 12!
If that does not occur, & our IP rights are not quickly upheld
we will become this systems WORST NIGHTMARE.

For more information on our totally inept patent system & the
multitude of "bad patents" that they are allowing every day,
GOOGLE search:

"Patent System About To Be Crippled, Ronald Riley"
or: "Bad Patents"

Its a shame that not ONE, within the entire Bowling Industry
will take a single positive step toward the "greater good" of
our sport, by embracing and nurturing pure PGI technology...
rather than simply trying to hi-jack a fractional portion of that
which they do not even understand.
Ours is the ONE primary, in 10,000 inventions.

As far as any lawyers "beating down our door..." goes,
they say the same thing about building a better mousetrap,
they just don't tell you - "they'll beat a path to your door..."

Thanks for your wishes, but "honest representation" is ALL
we need (& for preparation to finally meet up with
opportunity) - luck has little to do with it. Our opposition will
need the luck.


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Just did a quick search of the USPTO. The patent number is
5,118,106. Issued June 2,1992. I wanted to check out the
drawings to see what it looked like, but I needed Quicktime 6.5.1


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PGI's - 4th patent app.
Not sure if this link will work, but you might want
to click on this if you really want to see what it looks like.
Although its far from a perfect depiction of all we'd disclosed
it gives a good illustration of our current primary embodiment
& previously claimed subject matter.
Not really sure if you are friend or foe,
but in either case - enjoy!

In case the patent image doesn't open, it was called:

"Bowling ball dynamics control adjustable finger hole insert"

( It was supposed to be called
"Bowling Ball Dynamics - Control Device" but once again...
as in my other applications, the name was changed without
my knowledge. And... thats not ALL that was changed! )

I'm curiously waiting to hear what you'll have to say next.

To those whom it should concern...                <<<Declaration of Incompetence>>>
I am Primary Inventor, Arnie B. Goldman and I am writing this to document the fact that from 1990 to date, I have made numerous efforts to protect my primary innovations surrounding "bowling ball dynamics control" (achieved through rapid grip modulation via interchangeable finger & thumb inserts), otherwise known as the "Perfecta-Grip" ball dynamics control system.
Although, there have been interchangeable inserts previously employed in the sport of bowling, it should be noted that such inserts were only used by pro shops in the form of a "fitting ball device" which employed the use of metal parts, cranks, and square inserts…none of which were ever aimed at achieving any on-lane applications for a standard bowling ball. The device itself was never meant to be delivered on the lane and is in fact, hollow. The Perfecta Grip system was, and is designed for the intended purpose of controlling all on-lane actions & subsequent reactions of any bowling ball, and is therefore totally unique. This innovator was not only the first to propose any such teaching, but was also the first to provide the only realistically practical vehicle to suitably offer his added benefits to the general public. He’d also succeeded in legislating its eventual legality to the governing powers that be, namely the ABC/WIBC and the PBA, by helping both organizations to rewrite their respective rules in the early 90’s. Until this inventor’s submissions, the subsequent field (for which his patent pertained) did not even exist.
Although the initial [parent] patent issued in 1992, has been thrice maintained, and is still in force... it should also be noted that this inventor has filed & re-filed several more applications and has never been satisfied with his eventual protection, for a host of pre-established and well-documented reasons. Goldman's pleadings are well-known in both, his chosen field of bowling, and well-pled within the various offices of the USPTO and the EPO. Although this inventor has made numerous pleadings to his Primary Examiner - William Pierce - [in constant showing of due diligence on his own behalf] - to thwart the attempts of several individuals who sought to replicate his technology and in fact seek their own patents on same... it should be especially noted that Ex. Pierce has basically ignored all such pleadings and issued several "bogus patents" to many such individuals (including some unscrupulous locals he was emphatically warned about, well in advance). 
It is therefore necessary - that with respect to all that has been allowed to happen in the past (in an effort to create revenue for the government through costly "interference" actions, & inventor infighting) – for this inventor, Arnie Goldman to write the following declaration on this the 7th day of September, 2006 so as to insulate myself against further IP abuses by stating my intended business purposes and whereabouts, beforehand.
In this spirit, let it be known that I, Arnie B. Goldman - innovator of the Perfecta Grip (total Ball Dynamics Control system and the unique proprietary material surrounding our "Perfecta-Cast -Thermal Inliner" (hole casting therma-system for providing [dramatically enhanced] state of the art "feel" characteristics ) - recently attended
The 2006 Las Vegas "Bowl Expo" trade show wherein I did meet with a few people who own and/or operate Bowling Grip or Bowling Ball companies, such as Vise Grip/Exactacator, Storm, Columbia/AMF Qubica, Lane # 1, Ebonite, & Brunswick…for the intended purpose of determining their level of interest in our (patented) Perfecta-Grip technology & possibly develop a future business relationship with them.
In as much as others within my industry have already abused my exclusive IP rights, (yet I can find absolutely no attorney who will defend my unquestionable rights as an inventor) I am taking still another simple precaution, in the event that my Primary Examiner, William Pierce decides (in the weeks and months to follow) to "Issue"- any more bogus patents (as he has so arrogantly done in the past) - to like-minded (future) individuals from the various entities from these aforementioned companies as a direct result of my most recent conversations relating to any vehicle, whether it be new or improved - for ANY of the purposes as previously defined. 
All such novel uses (depicted by me as early as 1987), had been plainly stated in my multiple patent applications previously filed, extensive USPTO Document Disclosure records, 1987 copy-righted Text Manuscript,audio, video, & DVD records, as well as our extensive PGI info-site historical record conveniently located at:
We will soon see if anyone from the above-mentioned entities will be filing & receiving yet another bogus patent on hijacked material which Primary Examiner William Pierce knows full well already belongs to inventor Arnie B. Goldman, as they relate to all on-lane applications for the bowling ball, which amounts to ANY advantages that can be derived from rapidly modulating one’s grip dynamics via interchangeable and/or indexable bowling ball inserts.  (We are still hoping to find that non existent honest attorney).
This declaration has been fashioned, entered, documented, and respectfully submitted on September 7, 2006 - by primary inventor, Arnie B. Goldman.
Here's an update... to the above-entered "Declaration"  -  Now ...YOU be the Judge !
January 16, 2009  (my ongoing plea continues)
All this having been said (and done)...
Where is even ONE - Honest "Legalist"?
&... Where are WE - to find any Justice?

*Anyone -currently utilizing any form of removable insert technology
or who is contemplating same [for any practical application related
to the on-lane usage of a bowling ball
] is advised to contact - PGI
in writing at the address above, no later than September 1st, 2003.
Our prior conception rights will be enforced>>>>>>>>>

Would you like to help pioneer the future of Bowling?

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